4 Types of Neighbors You Must Move Away from Immediately

Neighbors You Must Move Away from Immediately

Good neighbors can make life fun, happy, and peaceful, while the bad ones can create an equally opposite influence. It is not uncommon for homeowners to sell their homes because of a neighbor from hell. But we’re not discussing rude neighbors who wouldn’t greet you back or allow their children to play with yours. The kind of neighbors we’re talking about can deliberately and recklessly make life much more difficult for you. Here are a few nightmare neighbors to look out for and avoid.

1. Neighbors Running an Illegal Business

People running an illegal business are one of the worst kinds of neighbors. What looks like a residential home could be a criminal enterprise. The owner could be growing marijuana illegally, breeding banned dogs, or be involved in human trafficking. You cannot always report this type of neighbor because if they’re not charged and manage to avoid jail, they could vandalize your home or harass your family.

2. Loud Neighbors

Partying neighbors who don’t think twice about playing loud music at odd hours can be a nuisance. Cars constantly moving in and around the driveway could create safety issues for your children. Some neighbors are loud with large groups of people always around, while others mow their lawns and do noisy yard work in the early morning hours on weekends.

3. Negligent Homeowners

People who neglect about their yards or don’t take care of their garden can negatively impact your home, especially if they live close. They may leave trash out that attracts pests. If they cannot clean up their property, it will directly impact your home, especially when looking to sell it. Sometimes, it could affect property prices in the entire neighborhood.

4. Neighbors Who Pick Fights

Some neighbors are aggressive and always ready to pick a fight. Red flags include yelling in the middle of the night and keeping banned pets. Some neighbors are passive-aggressive and keep sending letters about the slightest issue. You cannot speak to such people angrily. 

Instead, you must learn to deal with them calmly. Moving can also be a solution if your bad neighbors become too much.

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